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Frequesntly Asked Questions

Question #1: I have looked at the website and I'm ready to book. What do I do next?

Aanswer #1: On the website tabs, click on Contact Us tab and send us a message to check for your event date availability. You should then receive an email from us letting you know if we have availability and how to go forward with your booking. If your date is available you will need to download the contract on the website and mail it in with a deposit or e-mail contract with credit card information to reserve your date. For your convenience we accept Venmo (@thaliobeckham) for deposit or payments.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question #2: What do I need to do to book Thalio Beckham makeup Artistry for my event?

Answer #2: We require a signed contract and a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve the date of your event. You can find the contract under the Contract tab download and print the contract. All contracts are booked on a first come first serve basis. For deposit Cash, Check, or Credit Card accepted ONLY. Day of wedding CASH accepted only.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question #3: Will Thalio Beckham be my makeup artist?

Answer #3: To secure your makeup by Thalio Beckham himself, there is an additional $50 charge added to bride's makeup rate. This fee will only secure the bride's makeup.

A: Artists and stylist are assigned based on availability for trial runs, and wedding date. All makeup artist are trained by Thalio Beckham with the same techniques which ensures you will get the same quality service.

A: To request a specific Jr Artist and reserve for your wedding day there is an additional $25 fee.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question #4: How many assistant will I need to finish on time.

Aswer # 4: Booking an assistant can cut the getting ready time in half. Each assistant can average about 4 services. Keep in mind that if one person is getting hair and makeup that’s considered 2 services.


Question #5: How far in advance should I book for my event?

Answer #5: We never really know when we will get booked. The sooner the better so we can save the date. Popular wedding dates are booked well over 6 months in advance. We have limited availability on the weekends. We encourage you to contact us as early as you can to confirm your event.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question #6: If your not sure how many additional attendants in your wedding party will need hair and makeup?

Answer #6: The best thing to do, is to book the bride and any additional attendants who know will need their hair and makeup done to secure the time slot. You may add on later, if there's available artist and stylist.


Qustion #7: How long does each service take?

Answer #7: We allow up to 1 hour per service, so no one feels rushed or cheated. DOES not mean artist work's on an hourly base per client.


Qustion #8: Where do I send the contract and deposit?

Answer #8: Please refer back to the website contract tab and download the contract that applies to your type of event.


Qustion #9: Why Should I Hire A Professional Make-Up Artist For My Wedding?

Anwer #9: A professional makeup artist knows how to use color and contouring to create a more flattering and natural dimension to the eye, as well as produce a long-lasting, flawless application and will photographed well. Our makeup style is very polished, pretty and clean.Your local hair salon will generally only have a licensed cosmetologist on staff. While this may sound professional, a licensed cosmetologist is primarily trained in hair, which means they do not have a background in professional makeup application.


Question #10: Do you come On-Location? (engagements, bridal and/ or wedding)

Answer #10: Yes, We come to your choice of location for an additional travel fee charge, if outside the 5 miles radius from downtown Houston. This saves you the time, trouble, and stress of getting to a salon or stuck in traffic.

Anwer #10: (No travel Fee Charge for the first 5 miles) All fees are charge from Downtown Houston area at $1.50 per mile - round trip. Each travel fee is good for up to 2 artist, after that Additional travel fee will be required if more than 2 artists are necessary. 


Question #11: Do you offer Consultation or Trial Run?

Answer #11: At the moment we only offer trial run. We suggest the trial run be one month prior to your wedding day. We understand if you want to book your trial run prior to booking or way in advance. It is important to find the right makeup artist and/ or hair stylist who understands the image you want to achieve, and works with you to create a total look. (Offered in studio only on Wednesdays)


Question #12: Is there a charge to helping me put on my Saree and Tikka?

Answer #12: Yes, please note that if you need assistance with your South Asian Veil & tikka there is an extra fee of $50


Qustion #13: What is Airbrush makeup?

Answer #13: Airbrush makeup is a fabulous alternative to traditional foundation (mists on foundation). It is water resistant, weightless and achieves an amazing natural flawless look, lasting up to 14+ hours.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question #14: Do you offer Airbrush Makeup?

Answer #14: Yes, we airbrush your foundation using Dinair Airbrush Makeup.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question #15: When should I wax or get a facial?

Answer #15: Facials and waxing should be done 2 weeks prior to the event, otherwise the makeup will not stay on. Sometime when waxing or threading and your tech does a poor job, when doing airbrush makeup you will see lines from the hair that was not removed.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Questions #16: Do you offer False Eyelashes?

Answer #16: We offer false eye lashes in a whole strip. False eyelashes can be a great accessory to your wedding day look. A salon, if they ever offer eyelash services, will usually want to do expensive permanent eyelashes that require routine follow-up and maintenance using harsh adhesive products that can cause allergic reactions. A professional makeup artist is adept at not only selecting and trimming false eyelashes that can be applied with a 24hr glue, but is also able to apply them in a way and length that will not make your eyes look smaller or overly made up. If your wanting a specific lash look that we do you have or provide its best that you get your own and bring it the day of event.


Question #17: Do you accept credit card or Venmo payment?

Answer # 17: Yes we accept credit card or Venmo payment for deposit only. If paying by credit card, prices are increased 3.5% (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express)  To avoid extra charges the alternative is Venmo (@thaliobeckham) for deposit or payments, its free of charge. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question #18: How can I get in touch with you?

Answer #18: We make it easy for you to get in touch with us by email or by Text.

Public relations and bookings: Email: Or you may also text us only at 713-530-4094 (No calls)


Question #19: Is your tip included?
Answer #19: Gratuities are not added to the rates, and will be appreciated. Industry standard is 15-20%.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question #20: Are you open on Sundays?

Answer #20: Yes, were open on Sunday's for your convenience, however no trial runs are done on sundays.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question #21: Does Thalio offer one on one or group classes.

Answer #21: Yes Thalio does offer one on one classes on sundays only. Group class will usually be posted on his instagram @thaliobeckham. Find more information click on rate then learn makeup.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question #22: Should I bring my own lipstick?

Answer #22: We highly recommend bringing your own lipstick or lipgloss for touch ups throughout your entire event.


Any other questions you may have please email them to